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Ignition Problems of Saturn VUE Vehicles

Saturn VUE vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Ignition problems   1

Model: 2005 VUE FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 88,000,    Fail Date: Jul 28, 2011,     Location: Richmond, Texas

The contact owns a 2005 Saturn Vue. The contact stated that the ignition seized, making it difficult for the contact to turn or remove the key from the ignition. A local mechanic replaced the locking system. The contact sent a certified letter to the manufacturer in regard to the failure and was awaiting a response. The failure mileage was 88,000 and the current mileage was 90,000. Updated 10/18/lj updated 03/01/12.

Ignition problems   2

Model: 2007 VUE ,     Miles: 43,000,    Fail Date: Aug 02, 2010,     Location: Cleveland , Ohio

Purchased the vehicle may 2007 and in August 2007 the key stuck stook in the ignition and would not turn on-dealership towed and stated fixed it-now in August of 2010 same issue key would not turn on iginition no warrenty-had to get towed dealership stated there was metal fibers and had to be replaced telling me the first time all they did was lubricate it but not fix it. Costing me $270. 00 to fix. This is only a 3 year old car. The dealer stood with the iginition stating they still can't make it turn so was replaced.

Ignition problems   3

Model: 2008 VUE ,    Fail Date: Jun 01, 2009,     Location: Hampstead, Maryland

We purchased a 2008 Saturn Vue on June 28, 2008. The past 3 weeks, the key would periodically not release from the ignition - service department replaced the shifter saying it was not completely going into park. Also, the airbag light (for driver) starting blinking at the time the above occurred (this was also brought to their attention). When I started the car, it started to blink (only light blinking) and continued blinking when all other lights faded. No error message was received by the chip. Mile one Saturn claims that they could not replicate the air bag issue, therefore the service department perceived there was no issue and released the car to me. Needless to say, I went back in and told them I was not taking the car until they fixed the problem.

Ignition problems   4

Model: 2003 VUE ,     Miles: 10,000,    Fail Date: Dec 01, 2008,     Location: Rugby , North Dakota

Ignition problems. Locks up. Ignition was replaced at least 2x and worked on a few times. Lock finally disconnected. Cost $.

Ignition problems   5

Model: 2006 VUE ,     Miles: 38,158,    Fail Date: Sep 14, 2008,     Location: Marietta, Georgia

2006 Saturn Vue key won't turn . Car stays in locked position so can't crank car. Have to hit on key with something heavy to get it to engage and turn has been in shop where all they did was put some graphite in lock. Say on chat room that many Saturn owners have same problem and Saturn can't fix it.

Ignition problems   6

Model: 2004 VUE ,     Miles: 75,000,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Jul 14, 2008,     Location: Macomb, Michigan

My ignition lock gives me problems, it is hard to turn. Now I can remove my key in the on and started position. Means the car is started and running and I can remove the key.

Ignition problems   7

Model: 2007 VUE FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 20,000,    Fail Date: May 17, 2008,     Location: East Palestine, Ohio

The contact owns a 2007 Saturn Vue. The contact stated that whenever he placed the key into the ignition to start the vehicle, it would not turn or grind. He could not turn the key to start the vehicle. He took the vehicle to the dealer two times and they replaced the tumblers to remedy the issue. The contact did not feel that the dealer corrected the issue and the ignition was beginning to "catch" again. After the last visit to the dealer, he noticed that the steering wheel did not lock at all. The dealer stated that the 2007 Saturn Vue was the only model year that did not have a steering wheel lock. The manufacturer agreed with the dealer. The current mileage was 24,240 and failure mileage was approximately 20,000. Updated 09/23/08 the consumer stated the steering wheel does not lock. Updated 09/25/08.

Ignition problems   8

Model: 2004 VUE ,     Miles: 69,000,    Fail Date: Apr 01, 2008,     Location: Stafford, Texas

Ignition locks and unable to start the car. Read blog after blog and thousands of people have had (or have) this problem with their 2004 Saturn Vue. Most also record that once replaced by Saturn,for a huge price, the same thing happened again within 6-12 months.

Ignition problems   9

Model: 2005 VUE ,     Miles: 28,000,    Fail Date: Dec 10, 2007,     Location: Dover, Delaware

Key gets stuck in ignition and will keep car running. Sometimes won't even turn car on with the correct key. Takes over 5 mins each time jiggling key to get key cylinder to turn over to start the vehicle. This happens on a daily occurrence and has not seemed to get any better .

Ignition problems   10

Model: 2003 VUE AWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 82,400,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Dec 01, 2007,     Location: Vandergrift, Pennsylvania

2003 Saturn Vue, AWD, v6,upon pulling out of intersection, accelerating, automatic transmission not up shifting on accelerating. Loss of power. Engine accels but vehicle movement slows. Transmission does not engage. Dealership states that the computer needs to be "dummied up". Vehicle is not use to a different driver. Can not pull out of intersection fast. Good car for very very slow person. . Not "vti" transmission. Dealership has dummied up computer many times. Seems to help for a while but after a while we are just use to acceleration slow to let the transmission shift before applying additional gas pedal. Rear drive unit grinding on turning. Dealer states that this a known problem and has a "kit" ready with all parts needed to make the repairs in the rear end unit. Price is over $1000. 00. . . I was not reimbursed for any costs. Failure on rear unit occurred at 70,000 miles. Vehicle purchased new and my wife drove, till 75,000 miles. Now I am driving the Vue and I would like to accelerate a little more quickly out of some intersection. Spark plug failed at 50,000 miles. They are to last to 100,000 miles. Very expensive repair to replace the spark plug, have to tear off the top end of intake manifold to get to it. Many expensive replacement gaskets had to be replaced and the labor also. I used my personal certified mechanic to save some money. Bad design.

Ignition problems   11

Model: 2003 VUE ,    Fail Date: Nov 11, 2007,     Location: Lino Lakes, Montana

This car is a piece of crap. I cannot even sell it because people whomever look at it says it runs horribly. The truck doesn't accelerate properly, the gas tank float doesn't always work, there's a problem with the key getting stuck in the ignition when you attempt to start the car (if you can get it in it doesn't always turn), it makes grinding sounds when it turns, the cd player scratches your cd's, there are burning smells for no reason . . . . On and on and on. Don't know why there has never been a recall on this vehicle. I can't afford to fix everything that goes on with it. If anyone is interested in a class action suit please email me at.

Ignition problems   12

Model: 2007 VUE ,    Fail Date: Sep 04, 2007,     Location: York, Pennsylvania

Purchased new 05/29/07. In shop numerous times for faulty ignition switch that kept sticking. Wouldn't replace but kept 'greasing. ' finally after in shop three times previously they replaced ignition. Starting to stick again less than a year later. Soon after, during a stop at light, or stop sign, engine would turn off completely and restart itself. Dealer said the rear battery was leaking acid and everything corroded. Took them days to get replacement and didn't offer me another vehicle to use in meantime!! that was an accident waiting to happen! finally had new rear battery installed. Now I'm just waiting for another problem.

Ignition problems   13

Model: 2006 VUE 6-cyl,     Miles: 20,000,    Fail Date: Sep 01, 2007,     Location: Oceanside, California

Multiple occurrences of keyed ignition switch locking up and no allowing vehicle operation (more than 6). Thank god there was no emergency necessitating immediate use of our vehicle. Just episodes of being late to work and getting home from work. Finally the vehicle as towed to the dealer. We were informed this was known issue with the Saturn Vue. But there was no recall they manufacturer just lets its customers swing in the wind until it fails for good presumably they think they are saving money but not so if they are on the hook for the towing while under warranty. Which is why they manufacturer's failure to notify owners and recall for this problem is inexcusable!.

Ignition problems   14

Model: 2006 VUE FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 3,000,    Fail Date: Sep 01, 2007,     Location: Oconto, Wisconsin

Bought this vehicle brand new. Some other minor problems waiting to be fixed. As I see others are having the same problems. Major problem: key and tumbler will not work. First time was shocking to me. Took me over 1/2 hour to get it to work. Ok now I am not stranded. Called dealer, they were great, replaced the tumbler assembly. Shortly the problem came back. Called the dealer. They then replaced the housing and tumbler. Work good for a while. But still will some minor hang ups. For a 3rd time it got stuck so bad I was stuck. Got the key to finally turn the car on and it ruined our vacation because we could not trust the vehicle to work properly and dealer was closed. The tumbler again was replaced. I was told the brass in there was broke and the housing looked fine. I am waiting for it to break again and cannot trust my vehicle at only 18k. Sad don't you think. If I was really thinking right within my first year I could have filed the lemon law on this vehicle easy. No tumbler should break or wear out the easily. I was told that Saturn has a report to make sure the customer does not have a large ring full of keys because that may wear out the tumblers. This is not he problem here. It is an obvious defective engineering design flaw or just cheap materials, metals or assembly techniques. Then need to solve this quickly. Would you buy a new Saturn when your friend is stuck because his key does not turn the new vehicle on? dealer was great this is not a problem with the dealer. They are simply replacing bad parts with bad parts and doing all they can with what they can.

Ignition problems   15

Model: 2004 VUE AWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 20,000,    Fail Date: Aug 15, 2007,     Location: Techumsch, Michigan

The contact owns a 2004 Saturn Vue. Ever since the vehicle was purchased, the contact has experienced difficulty turning the key in the ignition. She has called the dealer numerous times. Occasionally, the vehicle will not start due to the failure. Initially, the failure occurred intermittently, but now it occurs everyday. The contact scheduled an appointment with a mechanic for April 23, 2008. The purchase date was unknown. The current mileage was 70,000 and failure mileage was 20,000.

Ignition problems   16

Model: 2007 VUE FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 1,548,    Fail Date: Aug 03, 2007,     Location: Bell Flower, California

The contact owns a 2007 Saturn Vue. On August 3, 2007, the contact took the vehicle to the dealer because the ignition lock was sticking. The dealer replaced the ignition lock housing and wiring harness. On October 12, 2007, the contact expressed his concern to the dealer regarding the failure and was informed that it was his responsibility. He stated that he would like his vehicle to have the features that are mentioned in his owner's manual. The current mileage was 5,025 and failure mileage was 1,548. The consumer stated the key could be removed from the ignition in any gear. The dealer informed the consumer the only way to stop the ignition from sticking was to take the steering lock off. The consumer declined. Updated 12/04/07.

Ignition problems   17

Model: 2006 VUE 6-cyl,     Miles: 15,000,    Fail Date: Apr 28, 2007,     Location: Algonquin, Illinois

Saturn Vue 6 cylinder,since we bought it key is hard to turn. Once almost had to stay overnight on way home from vacation, because car wouldn't start. Was under warranty so they supposedly changed the cylinder. I was able to start car, but nobody else can. Mentioned it again to dealership and they gave me new keys, several times. This past weekend my son borrowed the car and had lots of trouble turning the key, so took the car in to Saturn again and he said the key was worn and after we kind of argued about it, he admitted it was a very common problem of Saturn. Went in on internet and found it is more than common. Don't know what dealer will do for me, I just have 3000 miles left on warranty, but I left car there, because last week I also took it in for a grinding metal sound and was told it was the timing belt, which they changed, but within two days the sound was back, so I left it there hoping against all odds that they will truly fix it. There really should be a recall for the ignition key problem, since in 1 1/2 years time they haven't been able to fix it right. The mechanic actually indicated it could not be fixed, because there is a design flaw.

Ignition problems   18

Model: 2006 VUE ,     Miles: 18,000,    Fail Date: Aug 11, 2006,     Location: Youngstown , Ohio

The contact owns a 2006 Saturn Vue. The contact stated the ignition key would not turn properly or remain secure when positioned in the ignition switch. While driving on two separate occasions the key had fallen out of the ignition switch without intent. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer who stated the ignition switch lock needed to be replaced. The lock cylinder had been previously replaced in may of 2007. The manufacturer was made aware of the failure. The approximate failure mileage was 18,000 updated 09/21/lj.

Ignition problems   19

Model: 2003 VUE FWD 4-cyl,    Fail Date: Jan 06, 2005,     Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Have taken car to dealer more than once for following items: (1) ignition does not release when key removed. The first time all they did was make a new key, today (Feb 16, 2006) they changed a spring on the 1st "level". Problem still exists intermittent, after I left dealer. First reported apx sept 2005. (2) major skidding on slight grades when sudden braking. Dealers maint fluffed it off each time saying nothing wrong. Problem since 2004. (3) when shifting down from drive to park intermittent sticking at reverse position, very subtle but definitely not normal. Problem just started (Jan 2006). Date listed under "incident date" was just to be able to input into computer. There are 3 different issues from different dates and yrs. All are apx.

Ignition problems   20

Model: 2004 VUE FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 9,000,    Fail Date: Nov 01, 2004,     Location: Clinton, Mississippi

04 Saturn Vue,(only)11,000 miles. Problems starting and not cranking properly. Problem progressivly got worse. Dealer is now replacing the entire wireing harness in the dash. Cust. Serv. Writer said "you have some bad electrical problems , some pins where not connecting properly to start your vehicle. " this makes me very uncomfurtable with my new Saturn Vue. My dealer name is hearin gear of jackson MS. They have had my truck since Jan 4th and it will hopefully be ready by the 10. They had to call in a special technition. Thanks , crystal west.

Ignition problems   21

Model: 2004 VUE AWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 300,    Fail Date: Aug 15, 2004,     Location: San Jose, California

The caller said that while driving at low speeds steering wheel is hard to turn. She says it makes a squealing noise. Once the steering locked. She had to have the vehicle towed to dealer. She said it happened when she was turning into parking spots, driveways, and while turning corners. It started happening without warning, and it was an intermittent problem. Dealer duplicated the problem with the steering. They replaced something called steering shaft intermediate. Also, they replaced the ignition cylinder housing to fix the locking. They replaced it three times. Manufacturer said they will continue to help the caller with the repairs. But she could not duplicate the problem and was concerned about the safety issue.

Ignition problems   22

Model: 2002 VUE AWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 600,    Fail Date: Aug 10, 2002,     Location: North Branford, Connecticut

Electrical/ignition .