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Suspension Noise Problems of Pontiac G6 Vehicles

Pontiac G6 vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Suspension noise problems   1

Model: 2007 G6 ,     Miles: 70,096,     Speed: 5 mi,    Fail Date: Sep 19, 2013,     Location: Lancaster, California

Loud constant clunking noise two weeks prior to incident pulling out of my garage and vehicle would not turn left or right no matter what,after turning ignition off and on numerous times I finally was able to get vehicle back in garage after doing some research on these cars they are known for having power steering and suspension problems also these vehicles have been in numerous auto crashes because of this! this vehicle also only has 70,000 miles on it there is no recall on this vehicle whatsoever,why is that?because obviously someone at gm dropped the ball!!! I am in the military and I am by no means financially able to continue to dump monies on a vehicle that gm should repair at no costs that has safety issues!!!.

Suspension noise problems   2

Model: 2008 G6 6-cyl,     Miles: 34,000,     Speed: 40 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 14, 2013,     Location: Battle Creek, Michigan

Brake lights are on when pedal is not pressed. . . All the time! clunking noise in front suspension. On-line investigation shows hundreds of these complaints concerning this vehicle. Leaking/disconnected tubes in roof from sunroof drain tubes. Caused major leaks, wet interior, including under back seat. After removal of carpets and seat, musty odor remains and staining of headliner. There were hundreds of these reports on-line also.

Suspension noise problems   3

Model: 2008 G6 4-cyl,     Miles: 50,000,     Speed: 5 mi,    Fail Date: Aug 01, 2012,     Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania

When I hit a bump even a lil one it sounds like there is something lose in front end. Took it to preston motors in my city New Castle, PA 16101 they looked at it like 5 times and put new parts on and it is still doing it. Not sure if its a problem or not. It sounds like it might be in suspension.

Suspension noise problems   4

Model: 2006 G6 6-cyl,     Miles: 197,000,     Speed: 70 mi,    Fail Date: Jan 05, 2012,     Location: Glenville, Montana

Purchased used 2006 G6 in may 2007. First noticed clunking and popping noise in steering a month after purchase. Local dealership did not hear any noises when they checked it over! over the 4 1/2 years that we have owned this car, the noises never go away. Steering seems loose at times. Driving home from work two days ago at 70 mph on four lane interstate, the clunking noises got worse and my front driver's tire fell off my car. I was able to control the car and get it to the side of the road. Thankfully, there was no one on the opposite side of the interstate or near me when my tire went flying off. Sure would be nice if Pontiac would do something about the steering/suspension problem with this car. Have read far too many stories about serious injuries, which I could have caused with my G6. I just got lucky there was no one around me when it happened.

Suspension noise problems   5

Model: 2007 G6 FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 72,000,     Speed: 60 mi,    Fail Date: Nov 23, 2011,     Location: Desoto, Texas

On highway traveling out of town averaging 60-65 in my 2007 Pontiac G6 I lightly pressed brakes approaching an exit for gas when a the steering wheel started shaking. I had to press the brakes again to stop after exiting the highway to stop. The shaking was noticeably worse. I purchased the car used about 2 months before this event so I did not expect any brake issues. After several months my wife mentioned a noise from the brakes. I had the brakes inspected and the service person said the brakes were fine but my front and rear struts were bad. I asked him if this would cause the steering wheel to shake when breaking at highway speeds and he said yes. I took the car back to the dealership of purchase and they did a brake inspection even though I asked to have the struts looked at and stated that rotors were warped. After this I searched for problems with the steering on the model and year of my car. I found thousands of customer complaints of all the symptoms and issues I was having. I did find a service bulletin about the intermediate shaft in the steering. Technical bulletin no. : 06-02-32-007g date: April 05, 2010 subject: clunk, knock or rattle noise from front of vehicle while driving or turning over bumps at low speeds (diagnose noise and perform outlined repair) models: 2004-2006 Chevrolet malibu maxx 2004-2008 Chevrolet malibu classic 2008-2010 Chevrolet malibu 2005-2010 Pontiac G6 2007-2010 Saturn aura supercede: this bulletin is being revised to update the parts information for the bolt. Please discard corporate bulletin number 06-02-32-007f (section 02 - steering. At this point I believe a recall should be issued on the entire front suspension including the factory rotors which warp within 2k-3k miles. Re-surfacing these rotors increases the braking problem. And a non-metallic ceramic brake pad should be installed by a gm certified service department.

Suspension noise problems   6

Model: 2006 G6 6-cyl,     Miles: 45,000,    Fail Date: Nov 03, 2010,     Location: Muncie, Indiana

I have a 2006 ponitac G6 4 door sedan. The car has 45,500 miles on the odometer. At 44,024 miles I had to have a four wheel alignment. Now at 45,500 miles I discover that since the full alignment both of the sway bar links have gone bad. The car was making noise in the front suspension and the car sways from side to side while driving through corners or in a strong side wind. I purchased the car with 32,000 miles on the odometer and at 34,000 miles while on vacation I had to replace the rear brakes and rotors along with the front brakes with a total bill by the chevy dealer over $600. 00. I also have one of the cars that has a problem with the power steering getting hard to turn and then goes back to normal. I contacted my local Pontiac dealer about my concerns and to see if there was any service bulletins for the car. I was told that my problems were the results of the bad roads were I live. It seems strange to me that my 1993 corvette with 110,000 miles on the same roads as my Pontiac does not have any problems with the suspension.

Suspension noise problems   7

Model: 2006 G6 ,     Miles: 60,000,     Speed: 40 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 16, 2010,     Location: Dallas, Texas

2006 Pontiac G6, car steering wheel started to shake when driving and braking at around 60,000 miles, the vehicle also made a clunk noise when steering wheel turned at low speeds, went to a mechanic and they replaced the outer tie rods. The vehicle continues to shake and thump. Now the mechanic is telling me that I need to replace the control arm, bushings etc. My whole front suspension is having major problems. My car veered off to the next lane on its own. Lots of play in the steering wheel. Its in the shop now, also needing the rack and pinion replaced. Please recall this. My family was lucky not to have hit another vehicle or be hit. Thanks.

Suspension noise problems   8

Model: 2008 G6 ,     Miles: 36,000,     Speed: 10 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 15, 2010,     Location: Big Stone Gap, Virginia

I have a 2008 Pontiac G6, and while driving there is a knocking or sounds like something is loose on the left front suspension. They have replace the steering shaft, sway bar links, still having the problem. Had it to the dealer 3-times. I am afraid something will break and cause me to wreck. Can hear it gook hitting a pot hole in on the pavement or going down a gravel road that has pot holes. If something breaks and causes me to wreck, I will pursue if still available I will sue the dealership for not correcting this. I am tired of spending all my time at the dealership, they are suppose to have certified mechanics, but they don't take enough time to really fix the issue with my car.

Suspension noise problems   9

Model: 2007 G6 ,     Miles: 49,089,     Speed: 25 mi,    Fail Date: Oct 17, 2009,     Location: Shamokin, Pennsylvania

Rotational noise in wheel when pulling out or turning wheel left or right. Also have front suspension problems with the struts and the strut mounts which broke on both sides of the car for no reason what so ever.

Suspension noise problems   10

Model: 2006 G6 6-cyl,     Miles: 3,486,    Fail Date: Feb 28, 2009,     Location: Forest Lake, Montana

The contact owns a 2006 Pontiac G6. At 3,486 miles, the steering gear began to make a clunking sound. The vehicle failed to steer properly and the contact experienced difficulty keeping the vehicle straight while driving. The vehicle was taken to a repair shop seven times, but it was only repaired correctly on two occasions. The vehicle was diagnosed as having another issue during the other five visits. The contact has all seven receipts for each repair regarding the steering failure. She feels that it is a safety issue because the vehicle needs to be steered properly in order to stay on the road. The current mileage was 82,586 and failure mileage was 3,486. Updated 3/27/09 there was a noise coming from the front suspension when going over bumps in the road. Updated 03/31/09.

Suspension noise problems   11

Model: 2006 G6 ,     Miles: 2,071,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Aug 18, 2006,     Location: Swansea, Illinois

I have been having steering/suspension problems starting two months after the vehicle was purchased. The first incident started in August of 2006. I took the car in because of a rattle in the front end when vehicle was warmed up. Service dept. Replaced the engine stabilizer/snubber. Second incident happened in February of 2008. I took the car in because there was a rattle in the front end over bumps and when turning . The service dept. Replaced the left hand strut upper mount and lubed the intermediate shaft and reset the collar on the rack and pinion. The third incident happened in July of 2008. I took the car in because I felt a knocking noise in the steering and it worsened when I was stopping. The service dept. Then replaced the right lower control arm. My car is now making more noises in the front end and I have an appointment to get it serviced on August 8th (14 days after last incident). This car has only 26,000 miles on it. I should not be having all these problems with the front end. I feel their needs to be a recall on the suspension on these G6's. They are terrible and dangerous. I went on a trip this past weekend and drove some windy roads and thought either my front end was going to shake to pieces or I would not be able to stop. Someone is going to get seriously hurt.