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Transmission Torque Converter Problems of Chevrolet Impala Vehicles

Chevrolet Impala vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Transmission torque converter problems   1

Model: 2007 Impala ,     Miles: 37,000,    Fail Date: Aug 01, 2012,     Location: Warner Robins, Georgia

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Impala. The contact stated that the engine rpms suddenly increased as the vehicle failed to respond to acceleration attempts. In addition, the transmission hesitated to engage in gear but once it did, it would shift hard. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who diagnosed that the tcc valve was leaking, causing transmission fluid to leak out of the torque converter. As a result, the transmission had to be rebuilt. The manufacturer was not made aware of the failure. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure mileage was 37,000 and the current mileage was 39,000.

Transmission torque converter problems   2

Model: 2006 Impala 8-cyl,     Miles: 58,773,     Speed: 2 mi,    Fail Date: Feb 26, 2012,     Location: Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

Transmission slipping, hard shifts, broken motor mounts. Transmission acts like it's not in gear, doesn't engage until about 2,000 rpm then slams into gear. Also slips when shifting from 1st to 2nd and again when in 4th gear. Transmission failure, the transmission fails to fully engage in to any gear when it is supposed to, it will slip and catch from a stop, the torque converter fails to lock up and all gears slip under moderate to heavy acceleration.

Transmission torque converter problems   3

Model: 2004 Impala 6-cyl,     Miles: 79,000,     Speed: 10 mi,    Fail Date: Jan 02, 2012,     Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

The car is shifting hard from 1st to 2nd gear and every once in a while when I slow down around a curve and then the car has to shift down and back up right away. This has been getting worse and worse and from what I have been reading, it probably isn't the transmission but with the vacuum modular or torque converter. I also had a 2005 and recently traded it in for a different vehicle, but it had the same thing with shifting hard between 1st and 2nd.

Transmission torque converter problems   4

Model: 2008 Impala 8-cyl,     Miles: 55,000,     Speed: 25 mi,    Fail Date: Dec 14, 2011,     Location: Westwood, Massachusetts

2008 Chevrolet Impala ss with 5. 3l ls4 engine and 4t65e-hd transmission experience torque converter failure at 55k miles requiring full transmission replacement. Replacement transmission beginning to exhibit same torque converter shudder behavior again and warranty will be expiring soon. 4t65e-hd transmission only rated for 280 ft-lbs torque, ls4 v8 produces 323 ft-lbs. This is clearly negligence on the part of general motors and a solution must be reached for owners of these vehicles!.

Transmission torque converter problems   5

Model: 2006 Impala FWD 8-cyl,     Miles: 71,000,     Speed: 70 mi,    Fail Date: Apr 26, 2011,     Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada, unknown

Impala "ss" with only approximately 71,000 miles, major transmission malfunction / failure without any prior warning. Vehicle had only been serviced at gm dealership since purchased, all regular maintenance followed. Transmission slippage combined with harsh shifting, torque converter shudder, grinding noises from gears. Vehicle would alternate between not going forward or, once moving, very difficult to stop vehicle because transmission did not disengage (nearly rear ended other vehicles, had to stand on brake pedal). No warning lights nor dash indicators, but remote diagnostic via onstar confirmed transmission failure and directed for immediate repair. Valve body, pressure regular, all solenoids (rebuild) replaced under gmpp extended warranty coverage. Not even two weeks later, problems returned but worse. Nhtsa campaign # 10021844 and TSB # 070730012c seem to address this issue. Vehicle now at gm dealership being assessed. Onstar diagnostics found no issue. Still no warning indicators, but vehicle have high rpm without any forward motion when accelerator depressed. Rpms would also bounce up and down erratically on highway at steady speed, vibrations and whining noises from transmission. Apparently this is known defect with multiple vehicles equipped with the 4t65-e transmission, but there has never been any recall. Cost of repairs for this between $4,000 and $6,000 if not under warranty. This likely effects hundreds of thousands of gm vehicles covering many model years.

Transmission torque converter problems   6

Model: 2006 Impala FWD 8-cyl,     Miles: 59,000,     Speed: 65 mi,    Fail Date: Nov 25, 2010,     Location: Frazier Park, California

Transmission has been rebuilt once, then subsequently replaced with a remanufactured unit from general motors. This remanufactured transmission is now displaying anomalous behavior. Prior to each failure, the transmission exhibited a variety of incorrect behavior, including rapid torque converter clutch locking and unlocking, slipping and revving from a stop, without the car moving, then suddenly slamming into gear with the car moving away from rest. The most recent issue has been an oscillation on 4-3 downshifts at approximately 60 mph, as well as excessive transmission heat build-up with the torque converter unlocked. The first time the transmission displayed odd behavior, which was torque converter lock and unlock at cruising speeds, dealer drove the car acknowledged the problem, and upon disassembly, found torque converter clutch material in the pan. They rebuilt the transmission with new soft parts and replaced the converter. Vehicle had 59,000 and this was all performed under warranty. About 23,000 miles later, when pulling away from a stop, the engine would rev up momentarily, but the car would not move. It would then slam into gear and move off. Dealer confirmed issue, disassembled, and determined that the torque converter clutch had again failed. Dealer replaced transmission with a remanufactured unit. This was all done under warranty. Vehicle had approximately 86000 miles at this time. Immediately upon receiving car back after replacement of transmission, noted oscillation on 4-3 downshifts, as well as much higher transmission temperatures with converter unlocked (about 40 degrees higher), as well as excessive looseness of the torque converter. Returned to dealer, who claimed all was normal. Since that time, warranty has expired. The oscillation and heat issues have worsened, and the car is now being serviced at an independent shop and having a partial rebuild.

Transmission torque converter problems   7

Model: 2006 Impala ,     Miles: 11,000,    Fail Date: Jun 24, 2010,     Location: Midlothian, Virginia

Transmission lunges from a dead stop upon acceleration. Does not move with increased rpms until torque converter bangs. Problem has existed since purchase in 2006 with 11,000 miles. Taken to dealer multiple times with no problem found. Multiple complaints with this per internet search. Chevrolet evidently will not own up to this problem.

Transmission torque converter problems   8

Model: 2004 Impala ,     Miles: 87,000,    Fail Date: Apr 11, 2008,     Location: Prattvillle, Alabama

There are 2 people other than myself that have Chevrolet Impalas. One person has a 2005 but the other and myself have the 2004. All three are having the same problem you will be stopped and start the gas pedal and there is a jerk . Feels like some one has hit the back of the car. (transmission or torque converter. ).

Transmission torque converter problems   9

Model: 2000 Impala ,    Fail Date: Feb 20, 2007,     Location: Elkhart Lake, Wisconsin

Transmission failure. Vehicle making gear whining, and transmission slips at highway speed. Service shop indicated that there is a "solenoid switch" that is stuck in the torque converter. There is a 50/50 chance that the drum in the torque converter is cracked, therefore shop won't invest the large amount of labor required to replace this stuck switch. The repair will require a complete transmission rebuild. 120,000 miles on vehicle. $1500 of repairs for a stuck, $20 switch. Not right.

Transmission torque converter problems   10

Model: 2002 Impala FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 84,500,     Speed: 45 mi,    Fail Date: Dec 22, 2004,     Location: Hinesville, Georgia

I noticed that my transmission shifts very hard when it warms up. I took to Chevrolet dealer, they changed my transmission mounts, and dog bones. I paid quite a few dollars and my vehicle still has this same problem. The vehicle has 85,000 miles, but I,ve maintained the vehicle very well. I,ve also had problems with my steering play. The dealer changed some parts in the assembly which is better. I'm a mechanic and I don't beleive that there was anything wrong with my drivetrain mounts, but it's in the transmission. I paid alot of money and still have the same problem. Since owning the car I had problems with the drivers window. The motor was changed once under warranty now it's doing the same thing again. The problem is it will go down but won't go up sometimes.

Transmission torque converter problems   11

Model: 2000 Impala FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 60,000,    Fail Date: Jul 27, 2004,     Location: Manassas, Virginia

I have had numerous problems from day one with this car. At 60,000 miles, I had a transmission failure. There was a whining noise that came from the engine compartment, usually at highway speeds in 4th gear, or overdrive. I had the car diagnosed at a transmissioin shop, and was told that it was going to need to be completely rebuilt. This failure could have occurred on the highway, if I had not been vigilant in my investigation of the problem. As a result, I had a huge repair bill, was without the car for 1 week, and had to pay for a rental to drive to work. To correct the problem the transmission and torque converter had to be rebuilt, and repalced. Specific parts that I know of were, the "torrington bearing", which caused failure of a set of planetary gears, and the 4th gear spline. The repairman said that the bearing and the 4th gear spline are of substandard quality, and that replacement parts have purposely been made stronger, and heat treated, because this is a known problem in these transmissoins. 60'000 miles is much too early for a failure of this type to occur. Total repair bill was over $2,500. 00.

Transmission torque converter problems   12

Model: 2000 Impala FWD 6-cyl,    Fail Date: Apr 13, 2004,     Location: Montrose, Pennsylvania

Periodic transmission slip from initial date of purchase - dealer could not duplicate when taken in for service, until out of warranty. Reflash e-prom/update done at 75k miles to correct problem. Now at 110k dealer says new transmission is needed as car is exhibiting same problems. Car headlights go out when using high beams. Car has lost all power twice when driving and completely shut off, thus causing a significant steering problem until the car could be stopped. Grounding wires added to see if correction could be made. Lights & car have not quit yet, but transmission continues to exhibit shifting problems with check engine light coming on. When car is shut off the engine light will go out and not come back on and the car will reset it self and run okay for awhile. The car also exhibits a loud whining noise when the slippage / jerking is about to occur. Gm will not allow conversation with anyone but a customer service person. All file numbers given to me by gm personnel when car was under warranty are not loaded into their data base, thus nothing can be done, mileage is too high and these things are expected to happen.

Transmission torque converter problems   13

Model: 2000 Impala ,     Location: Dunmore, Pennsylvania

Consumer stated the torque converter clutch takes a long time to lock up on the transmission in cold weather, consumer was informed by a gm rep that this occurrence is normal, after checking in the gm service manual, consumer discovered the torque converter clutch does not lock up until the fluid temperature in the transmission reaches 266 degrees fahrenheit, consumer stated when the torque converter clutch is not locked up, the vehicles highway gas mileage is not close to what was advertised on the price sticker of car.