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Air Bag Sensor Problems of Chevrolet Equinox Vehicles

Chevrolet Equinox vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Air bag sensor problems   1

Model: 2008 Equinox ,     Miles: 55,186,    Fail Date: Aug 26, 2013,     Location: Fresno, California

Passenger airbag sensor failure. Vehicle only has 55,000k. Will not register passengers over 110lbs. Had to replace entire sensor ($903. 24). Chevrolet would not replace citing "outside of warranty. " this is a critical safety feature that should never fail.

Air bag sensor problems   2

Model: 2008 Equinox ,     Miles: 59,400,    Fail Date: Jan 14, 2013,     Location: Delmar, New York

Passenger side airbag sensor, located within the front passenger seat cushion, has failed. The airbag indicator would intermittently show the airbag to be off, now constant. Error light on dash indicates the airbag is disabled and off. The vehicle was purchased new and is 5 years old with average mileage. The passenger seat rarely occupied and not subject to any weight or wear that would damage this vital sensor. This appears to be defective or worn out prematurely. There is no bypass to ensure airbag inflation in a frontend collosion when the seat sensor fails. The vehicle is well maintained and has not been in any accidents.

Air bag sensor problems   3

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 82,000,    Fail Date: Dec 01, 2012,     Location: Lamesa, Texas

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. The contact stated that the front passenger seat was built with a sensor system for the air bags however, there was an error in the calibration of the sensor, which caused the sensor to fail. As a result, the air bags would not shut off when a small child or small statured person was occupying the passenger¿s seat. The vehicle was taken to the dealer, who refused to diagnose the vehicle because the vehicle was not purchased at that particular dealer. The contact was informed of a recall for the failure under NHTSA campaign number: 07v344000 (air bags). The manufacturer was notified but offered no assistance. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileage was 82,000.

Air bag sensor problems   4

Model: 2008 Equinox ,     Miles: 81,000,    Fail Date: Feb 01, 2012,     Location: Adams, Nebraska

Air bag light continues to state that it is off when passenger is sitting in passenger front seat. Passenger weighs 115 +lbs. Seems to be faulty sensor as sometimes it works correctly and the next it does not. Should be a recall on this as there are plenty of complaints reguarding this issue.

Air bag sensor problems   5

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 80,000,     Speed: 55 mi,    Fail Date: Jul 20, 2011,     Location: New Johnsonville, Tennessee

I have not had an accident, so the above date, mileage and speed are estimates. While traveling down the highway, the service airbag light came on. The passenger airbag light also went off. It later came back on. My wife was sitting in the passenger seat at the time. Any time we go somewhere, this happens numerous times. I feel this is a defect in the sensor under the seat cushion in the passenger seat. I have noticed that the NHTSA has a recall on 437 units for this problem and your campaign # is 07v34400. According to the man named rob I spoke with at gm, my vehicle was not included in that recall. I feel this is a very serious problem and don't feel like my wife or either one of my children would be protected in the event of an accident where the airbag needs to deploy. It may not due to this defective sensor. I would like to know if you can offer any assistance in getting this taken care of without me having to pay for it. I am on disability income and trying to support a family of four leaves no money for such things. I feel like gm should have to cover this, since it's a defect on their part, and not mine. Is there any way you could add my vehicle to the recall now that I've made you aware of it and given you the VIN #? we're planning a 1,500 mile round trip on the 23rd of June to travel to our church convention and would like to have this problem rectified before making the trip, if at all possible. Thanks for your time and attention.

Air bag sensor problems   6

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 50,000,     Speed: 5 mi,    Fail Date: Mar 15, 2011,     Location: Knoxville, Tennessee

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. The contact stated that the front passenger air bag sensor failed while driving 5 mph. The vehicle was taken to the dealer who advised that there were no recalls for the failure and the air bag sensor could be replaced at the contacts expense of $600. The manufacturer was contacted who offered no assistance. The failure mileage was 50,000.

Air bag sensor problems   7

Model: 2007 Equinox ,    Fail Date: Feb 20, 2011,     Location: Charlevoix, Michigan

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. The contact stated the air bag light illuminated. The contact took the vehicle to the dealer and was told the air bag sensor failed. The contact found NHTSA recall campaign ID number: 07v344000 (airbags: frontal: sensor/control module), but the manufacturer said their vehicle was not included. The failure mileage was unknown and the current mileage was 54,000.

Air bag sensor problems   8

Model: 2005 Equinox ,     Miles: 65,000,    Fail Date: Jul 25, 2010,     Location: Villa Park, Illinois

2005 chevy Equinox 65000 miles, started one day and airbag light came on. Took to dealer and was told the sensor needed to be replaced at a cost of $600 or airbag would not deploy.

Air bag sensor problems   9

Model: 2010 Equinox FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 40,586,    Fail Date: Mar 22, 2010,     Location: Cicero, New York

2010 Chevrolet Equinox lt w/ 2lt package 40k miles - air bag sensor failure/warning light on. Sensor failure due to use of electronic devices(cell phone, gps, laptop, or anything that can interfere with airway frequency waves) in vehicle. Issue occurs on occasion when using cell phone in car. Chevrolet dealership reset the sensors.

Air bag sensor problems   10

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 58,835,     Speed: 55 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 02, 2009,     Location: Sidney Center , New York

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. While the contact was driving approximately 55 mph, the air bag warning light indicated that the air bag was off while an occupant was positioned in the front passenger seat. The failure would occur whenever the vehicle was in operation at any speed being driven with an occupant in the front passenger seat. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the air bag sensor was replaced. The failure mileage was 58,835.

Air bag sensor problems   11

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 26,258,     Speed: 65 mi,    Fail Date: Jan 25, 2009,     Location: Westchester, Ohio

1997 Equinox passenger seat sensor intermittent. Rose Chevrolet claims they replaced the sensor under warranty that they had to wait 3 days for. As my wife was driving down interstate realized that her sister had no airbag. The display said it was off again. My wife could not reset the problem at that time w/o turning the car off/on and hoping it would see that her sister was indeed sitting there. Will be taking this back to rose Chevrolet in hamilton OH again.

Air bag sensor problems   12

Model: 2007 Equinox ,     Miles: 100,    Fail Date: Apr 11, 2007,     Location: Akron, Ohio

The contact owns a 2007 Chevrolet Equinox. When an occupant was in the passenger front seat, the air bag turned off. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer for inspection, and the air bag sensor was replaced. The repair did not remedy the failure. The vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer on several separate occasions for the identical failures, in which there were no resolutions. The technician stated that air bag system was designed improperly. The failure mileage was 100. The current mileage was 30,000. The vehicle identification number was unavailable.