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Front Seat Belt Retractor Problems of Chevrolet Cavalier Vehicles

Chevrolet Cavalier vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Front seat belt retractor problems   1

Model: 2005 Cavalier U 4-cyl,     Miles: 47,120,    Fail Date: Dec 06, 2007,     Location: Detroit, Michigan

Safety belt driver side locks and cannot be used.

Front seat belt retractor problems   2

Model: 2002 Cavalier FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 80,000,    Fail Date: Nov 08, 2006,     Location: Maplewood, Montana

: the contact stated while attempting to extract the front passenger side seat belt, the retractor would not retract the seat belt strap back into place. The dealer and manufacturer were not alerted.

Front seat belt retractor problems   3

Model: 2001 Cavalier FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 11,000,    Fail Date: Sep 16, 2002,     Location: Wakefield, New Hampshire

Horn did not blow unless caller hit the right spot. Caller said there was a dead spot in the horn pad. Dealer and manufacturer have not been contacted. Also, torque converter light did not come on. . Coil packs were defective. Caller stated there were no warning lights for this problem, and caller was concerned that the problem could not be detected until it was too late. Dealer replaced the coil packs. Manufacturer said warranty expired, and they could not help. Also, seat belts come out of the guide and hit the people in the eye. Caller said the front brakes were defective. When hitting the brakes they did not slow down vehicle. Caller down shifted the get the vehicle to slow down. Also, had to replaced the front rotors three times. In addition, the trunk latch had a gap in it, the lid did not close tightly.

Front seat belt retractor problems   4

Model: 2002 Cavalier FWD 4-cyl,     Miles: 40,000,    Fail Date: May 25, 2002,     Location: Ney, Ohio

I got the car brand new and I have always had problems starting the car. It is not everytime but sometimes I have to try 4 or 5 times just to get it to start. My seat belts no longer retract. I'm not a fat person , and I don't know anyone big enough to ruin my seat belt retractors. My rear defroster barely works, and my passenger side power window motor already went bad. I am very dissatisfied with this car.

Front seat belt retractor problems   5

Model: 1994 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Jan 01, 2001,     Location: New York, New York

Driver side seatbelt retractor gets stuck inside and mal functions, and will not come out. The dealership is aware of it.

Front seat belt retractor problems   6

Model: 1999 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Jan 01, 2000,     Location: Port Orange, Florida

Vehicle stalls when air conditioner is running. Dealer cannot remedy situation. Seat belt failed to work. Vehicle rolls when emergency brake is applied.

Front seat belt retractor problems   7

Model: 1997 Cavalier FWD ,    Fail Date: Oct 17, 1999,     Location: San Jose, California

Also had to have driver's door realigned, side mirror realigned, seat belts replaced, seat belt covers replaced, windshield wipers replaced, and the airbags were recalled. Also, this car still runs rough but, they can't seem to duplicate the problem.

Front seat belt retractor problems   8

Model: 1993 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Jul 29, 1999,     Location: Hollister, California

Driver's and passenger's side seat belts do not retract. Consumer contacted dealer and manufacturer.

Front seat belt retractor problems   9

Model: 1996 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Jun 01, 1999,     Location: Cambridge, Ohio

Driver's seatbelt malfunctioned, causing seat belt not to retract in hard stop, which won't protect the occupant in event of a crash. Dealer said that seat belt spoiler needed to be replaced. Please provide further information.

Front seat belt retractor problems   10

Model: 1994 Cavalier FWD ,     Speed: 25 mi,    Fail Date: May 12, 1999,     Location: Florissant, Missouri

Abs fails every time activated, system cycles slowly, with uncontrollable lock and release of wheels. This has occured on a few occasions. 1 occasion resulted in an accident. Engine/vehicle vibrates heavily when idling in gear. Has done so since purchase, but has gotten progressively worse. Horn pad has disloged and fallen between steering wheel spokes on several occasions, nearly resulting in accidents. Driver's side seat latch does not retain seatback from travelling forward. It has always been this way. Safety issue. Air conditioner failed after about 9 months, with no prior use. After repair, it failed again within 3 months. The car had a crash. Injury was involved with this problem.

Front seat belt retractor problems   11

Model: 1995 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Dec 08, 1998,     Location: Cresthill, Illinois

The consumer has been experiencing problems with seat belts. While driving applied brakes very hard to avoid hitting a deer, and seat belts failed to tighten and to restrain her. The manufacturer has yet to be contacted.

Front seat belt retractor problems   12

Model: 1997 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Oct 14, 1998,     Location: Willspoint, Texas

Driving at approximately 60 mph consumer spun vehicle, making a 180 degree turn driver's seatbelt unbuckled and did not retract, causing injuries. Injury was involved with this problem.

Front seat belt retractor problems   13

Model: 1995 Cavalier FWD ,    Fail Date: Jan 01, 1998,     Location: Temple Hills, Maryland

"low antifreeze" light comes on and off. Adding antifreeze fixes temporarily, and we still smell fumes from hood. Informed by manufacturer of faulty cylinder head gasket months before problem manifested. Despite countless repairs, light comes on and car cuts off sporadically. No reimbursement for repairs. Middle back seat belt also releases, causing our toddler's child seat to tip over when vehicle turns corners.

Front seat belt retractor problems   14

Model: 1992 Cavalier FWD ,    Fail Date: Jul 11, 1997,     Location: Caledonia, Wisconsin

The driver's side seat belt broke. The upper retractor broke, and it no longer retracts and will not restrain occupant in vehicle crash.

Front seat belt retractor problems   15

Model: 1996 Cavalier ,     Speed: 65 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 07, 1997,     Location: King City, California

Driving about 65 mph & another vehicle hit passenger's side; air bag deployed & hit shoulder/chin and console; bounced to meridian; seat belt around neck; seat belt did not restrain driver in normal position; face continued towards console. At dealer prior & told was problem & ordering parts. There was crash involved when this problem happened. There was one injury involved with this problem.

Front seat belt retractor problems   16

Model: 1993 Cavalier FWD ,     Speed: 20 mi,    Fail Date: Dec 09, 1996,     Location: Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Locked door flew open during side impact. Seatbelt that was attached to the door did not restrain dcriver from being thrown from vehicle . Driver sustained serious injury. There was crash involved with this Chevrolet Cavalier. Injury happened when the problem occurred.

Front seat belt retractor problems   17

Model: 1993 Cavalier FWD ,    Fail Date: Aug 01, 1996,     Location: Middletown, New York

Seat belt retractor failed.

Front seat belt retractor problems   18

Model: Cavalier FWD ,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Jun 01, 1996,     Location: Howells, Nebraska

Driver lost control of vehicle and crashed into a tree, the seat belt did not restrain him in the seat consumer's son was drving on a gravel road and he came over ah hill and caught the pile of gravel and lost control of vehicle, whic then turned over three or four times and driver was thrown from vehicle,the seat belt did not hold driver in. The car had a crash. There was a injury reported with this Chevrolet Cavalier.

Front seat belt retractor problems   19

Model: Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Jul 07, 1995,     Location: Altoona , Pennsylvania

Driver's seat belt did not lock up, resulting in driver hitting the windshield twice. The car had a crash. Injury was involved with this problem.

Front seat belt retractor problems   20

Model: Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Apr 01, 1995,     Location: Fremont, California

Drivers seat belt loosens while driving.

Front seat belt retractor problems   21

Model: 1992 Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Mar 20, 1995,     Location: Swanton , Ohio

Drivers side shoulder harness failed retract, preventing usage.

Front seat belt retractor problems   22

Model: Cavalier ,    Fail Date: Oct 01, 1992,     Location: Phoenix , Arizona

Front seatbelt's restraints lock and prevents seatbelts from buckling.

Front seat belt retractor problems   23

Model: 2003 Cavalier ,     Location: Indianapolis, Indiana

When applying the brakes, the pedal goes to the floor, accompanied by a grinding noise. . Also the passenger seat belt retractor was replaced ph.

Front seat belt retractor problems   24

Model: 2002 Cavalier ,     Location: Federalsburg, Maryland

The passenger front seat belt failed to retract.

Front seat belt retractor problems   25

Model: 1998 Cavalier FWD ,     Location: Bellaire, Ohio

Front seat belts wont retract. They have been replaced and still wont retract.

Front seat belt retractor problems   26

Model: 1994 Cavalier ,     Location: Chicago, Illinois

While taking off seat belt noticed belt will not retract.

Front seat belt retractor problems   27

Model: 1994 Cavalier ,     Location: New Castle, Pennsylvania

The driver side seat belt retractor doesn't retract. Please describe .