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Vehicle Accelerator Pedal Problems of Cadillac Deville Vehicles

Cadillac Deville vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   1

Model: 1999 Deville FWD 8-cyl,     Miles: 50,000,    Fail Date: Oct 14, 2005,     Location: The Colony, Texas

Multiple occasions where the accelerator pedal sticks. Pressing on the pedal harder will free up the pedal but leads to jerking and unpredictable acceleration. Dealer says this is a very common failure and they have no permanent fix.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   2

Model: 2001 Deville FWD 8-cyl,     Miles: 53,000,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Mar 13, 2005,     Location: Hamden, Connecticut

While driving consumer puts foot on the brakes, and then puts foot back on the gas, and the vehicle dies. There is no indication that there any problems before hand. Then the service engine light comes on, and stays on for 2 or 3 days. The consumer has not taken the vehicle in to the dealership for service yet, waiting on gm to recommend.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   3

Model: 2002 Deville RWD ,     Miles: 26,245,    Fail Date: Feb 05, 2005,     Location: Pine Bluff, Arkansas

While approaching a traffic light driver applied brake pedal and the car continued to accelerate gaining speed. Driver attempted to slow or stop but car accelrated even more. Over a three block stretch two vechiles were hit before car went into a ditch laying on its side. Car a total loss. Crash happened when this problem occurred. There were 3 injuries.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   4

Model: 2000 Deville FWD ,     Miles: 86,500,    Fail Date: Oct 01, 2004,     Location: Lenoir City, Tennessee

The accelerator sticks. The vehicle was repaired, but throttle still sticks.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   5

Model: 1996 Deville ,     Miles: 50,000,    Fail Date: Sep 13, 2004,     Location: Springfield, Oregon

Consumer states when taking the foot off the accelerator pedal vehicle completely shut off.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   6

Model: 1992 Deville FWD ,     Speed: 25 mi,    Fail Date: Feb 01, 2001,     Location: Bonita Springs, Florida

Have had auto in to Cadillac repair shop 3 times for replace of throttle position sensor and problem still excists. Mechanics are unable to locate reason for problem of gas pedal accelerating on it's own. It creates a real safety hazard when driving on highway or in city.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   7

Model: 1996 Deville ,    Fail Date: Apr 01, 2000,     Location: Grand Island, New York

When vehicle was off for two or three minutes consumer had to tap it gas pedal with foot to get vehicle to move.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   8

Model: 1996 Deville ,    Fail Date: Feb 14, 2000,     Location: Witchita, Kansas

Experiencing intermittent stalling while driving and applying accelerator pedal from a stop position while making turning, etc. Dealer notified, and informed consumerthat nothing could be done, unable to duplicate the problem. Please feel free to provide further details.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   9

Model: Deville ,    Fail Date: Jan 27, 2000,     Location: Norton, Massachusetts

Consumer was driving 55mph accelerated to change lanes in the middle of rush hour traffic. Consumer thought accelerator got stuck and hit the brake. Then consumer tried to lift the gas pedal with her foot, thinking it was stuck and car kept accelerating. Car was also placed in neutral, but continued to accelerate up to 90mph. Consumer turned ignition off, and put emergency brake while in the middle of a turn. The plastic lock in retainer clip fell off into the throttle body & jammed the throttle open.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   10

Model: 1999 Deville ,    Fail Date: Nov 01, 1999,     Location: Jupiter, Florida

While pressing the acclerator pedal vehicle would not acclerate. But when occupant presses gas pedal "hard" vehicle takes off which may cause a collision. Been to dealer twice. Dealer replaced the throttle cable, but problem is still occurring. Please provide further information.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   11

Model: 1998 Deville ,    Fail Date: Apr 15, 1999,     Location: Worcester, Massachusetts

Accelerator pedal sticking which causes sudden acceleration. Consumer had to put vehicle into neutral and step on pedal a few times to release it. Can NHTSA provide further information.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   12

Model: 1996 Deville FWD ,    Fail Date: Mar 03, 1999,     Location: Lorais, Ohio

Vehicle experiencing problem with throttle linkage sticking. Dealer notified, and informed consumer that the problem was due to unknown buildup which is considered to be a normal maintenance charge. Consumer believed this is not normal, and is seeking NHTSA for help in this matter.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   13

Model: Deville RWD ,    Fail Date: Aug 20, 1998,     Location: Bay City, Michigan

The driver put the vehicle in reverse and stepped on accelerator and car sped up and went out of control. Braking would not stop vehicle. There was a injury reported when the problem occurred.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   14

Model: 1996 Deville FWD ,    Fail Date: Jan 01, 1998,     Location: Parlin, New Jersey

Accelerator pedal sticks, causing vehicle to lurge forward.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   15

Model: Deville ,     Speed: 50 mi,    Fail Date: Apr 11, 1997,     Location: Richwood, New Jersey

Accelerator pedal intermittently sticks when applied, engine accelerates to high speed, vehicle keeps moving with brakes applied. Test driven by dealer, not duplicated.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   16

Model: Deville ,    Fail Date: Apr 12, 1996,     Location: Rapid City, South Dakota

While going up a hill, the accelerator pedal went ot the floor and accelerated without being pressed. Please describe.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   17

Model: 1993 Deville ,    Fail Date: Aug 19, 1994,     Location: Inkster, Michigan

Gas pedal has excessive play.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   18

Model: 1993 Deville ,    Fail Date: Jul 17, 1994,     Location: San Dimas , California

Accelerator pedal and clip separated from linkage, causing loss of acceleration.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   19

Model: 1999 Deville ,     Location: Rocky Mount, North Carolina

The accelerator sticks "hangs" due to carbon build up on the accelerator cable. The owner states that he has to step on the pedal very hard in order to depress or unstick. The vehicle is taken in for this failure about every six months. Please describe details ts.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   20

Model: 1999 Deville ,     Location: Rochester, New York

Consumer states accelerator sticks and to his understanding that this is a well known problem, it has to do with fuel additives in the high test fuel specified by Cadillac in their owners manual, but when consumer reported the issue he was informed by dealership that the problem is an owners issue and the correction would not be covered under warranty .

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   21

Model: 1997 Deville FWD ,     Location: Carmel, Indiana

The accelerator sticks, consumer has been to the dealership and they state they can fix it for a cost and the consumer is not satisfied, the problem existed when the vehicle was under warranty.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   22

Model: 2000 Deville FWD ,     Location: Fairfield, New Jersey

When foot is taken off accelerator car will stall without warning. No hesitation, shaking, vibration, warning lights, etc. Can be on local streets or highway. Dealer has replaced sensors on 3 occassions and stated that Cadillac recognizes this is a problem with 2000 Devilles. Problem is similar to another listed in consumer compliants section.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   23

Model: 1996 Deville ,     Location: Wynnewood, Oklahoma

When consumer lets off the accelerator pedal vehicle keeps going , will lunge forward. Vehicle will not slow down.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   24

Model: 1991 Deville FWD ,     Location: Cape Coral, Florida

When driving 45 miles mph and when removing foot from the accelerator pedal, vehicle continues to travel at 45 mph. Only after going a distance will the vehicle gradually reduce speed. Cause unknown.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   25

Model: 1996 Deville ,     Location: Suitland, Maryland

Accelerator pedal sticks when applied and sometimes when the vehicle is started. Owner has to apply more pressure to the pedal to stop the pedal from sticking. Dealer cant find problem.

Vehicle accelerator pedal problems   26

Model: 1991 Deville ,     Location: Sedalia, Missouri

When pushing gas pedal down to the floor the pedal sticks .