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Headlight Switch Problems of Buick Lacrosse Vehicles

Buick Lacrosse vehicle consumers have reported the following problems to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) since 1995.

Headlight switch problems   1

Model: 2008 Lacrosse ,     Miles: 85,929,     Speed: 35 mi,    Fail Date: Apr 17, 2013,     Location: Moore, Oklahoma

Underhood fuse block caught on fire from the headlamp driver module micro-relay #35 melting down. Headlights went off and the battery started draining. Pulled over, turned off the car, and opened the hood to discover that the #35 micro-relay was arcing and had melted itself to micro-relays #44 windshield wipers and #38 air conditioning compressor. Both windshield wipers and air conditioner was off at the time. Even though the engine was off the relay continued to arc and was melting the underhood fuse block. Grabbed an insulated set of pliers and pulled the #35 micro-relay (the #44 and #38 relay came out at the same time). Arcing stopped with the micro-relays removed. I have filed a previous report on the #35 headlamp driver module micro-relay, because it had turned off the low-beam headlights while I was driving, at night, on the highway. Turning the light switch to manual-on did not turn the low-beam headlights back on. I had the #35 headlamp driver module micro-relay replaced and it too proved to be defective. After just a few months, it started turning on the headlights about 10 minutes after the vehicle was turned-off. Had to have my vehicle jump started, replaced the battery, and replaced the #35 headlamp driver module micro-relay, yet again. The 3rd #35 headlamp driver module micro-relay, caused an electrical fire, costing me over $700 to repair. Apparently there is no fuse to prevent the melt-down of the micro-relays. There is no caution, and no warning in the owners manual, to advise the user about what to do in the case of the low-beam headlights suddenly going off. There is no protection against an electrical fire being caused by the #35 headlamp driver module micro-relay, or any other relay from starting an electrical fire.

Headlight switch problems   2

Model: 2006 Lacrosse FWD 6-cyl,     Miles: 67,980,     Speed: 65 mi,    Fail Date: Feb 09, 2013,     Location: Green Bay , Wisconsin

Low beam headlights do not work. Lights worked fine, parked the car in the garage, lights stayed on delay mode and both were fine. Driving home the next night, several oncoming vehicles flashed lights, I pulled into a parking lot to check my lights. . . No low beam lights. Switched from auto to manual mode, still no low beam lights, high beam lights work fine. I have read that several others have this same problem. Nobody seems to have a solution. I do not feel I should need to pay the dealer to 'analyze the problem' and charge an outrageous price to fix this. This is a definite safety issue! updated 09/10/lj.

Headlight switch problems   3

Model: 2008 Lacrosse 6-cyl,     Miles: 70,000,     Speed: 60 mi,    Fail Date: Jul 06, 2012,     Location: Moore, Oklahoma

Headlights went off while driving 60 mph in the dark and no nearby light sources were present. Turned headlight control to manual and still no headlights. Stopped vehicle and everything but the headlights were still working. Turned off the air conditioning, the fan, the radio, and still no headlights. Turned car off and back on, still no headlights. Turned car off again and waited 5 minutes and restarted car and headlights came on. This has happened 2 times now, 3 months apart. Dealership denied any knowledge of this problem the 1st time I talked to them, but admits now that several other people have also tried to get this problem fixed but they were unable to duplicate the problem. If I had been driving on a curve, I would most likely be dead now and they would be guessing why I ran off the road (user error), when they know there is a defect in design. Light switch on manual should bypass everything except the fuse.

Headlight switch problems   4

Model: 2007 Lacrosse ,     Miles: 82,000,     Speed: 60 mi,    Fail Date: Nov 11, 2011,     Location: Lakeland, Florida

While driving on the highway in the rain, my headlights went out. I was terrified. Turning the switch on and off would not fix the problem. I took the car to the dealership. They said they could not duplicate the problem and would not fix it. I had taken the car to the dealership shortly after purchase in 2009 and had complained of leaking seal on the top edge of the driver's side door in the rain. Water would drip all over my left arm, shoulder and arm rest. They said they could not duplicate the problem and would not fix it. Now the headlights will refuse to work on an intermittent basis. The dealership will not fix it. The dash reads headlights suggested but they will not come on. I can use the dimmer on the steering column and the bright lights will work, but driving with bright lights into oncoming traffic is dangerous. I need to have a dealer fix this problem. I took the car through a car wash for the first time the other day and the lights have been acting up again. Please have someone contact me and authorize repairs at the dealership. I am afraid to drive even a short distance at night not knowing when my headlights will suddenly go out again. It has happened several times now. It really scares me and concerns me that a dealership would not repair the problem. Updated 09/10/lj the consumer also stated there was a noise coming from the steering, a squeaking noise coming from the dash area, and water would drip through the top door, every time it rained. Also, there was a vibration issue, so the dealer replaced the tires, but it didn't resolve the issue.

Headlight switch problems   5

Model: 2007 Lacrosse ,     Miles: 58,000,    Fail Date: Mar 19, 2011,     Location: Owensboro, Kentucky

The contact owns a 2007 Buick Lacrosse. The contact was driving at an unknown speed when the headlights failed and would not re-illuminate despite the contacts attempts. The contact had to utilize the high beam lights and the vehicle was taken to an authorized dealer where the contact was advised that a relay switch would need to be replaced. The vehicle was not repaired. The failure and current mileages were 58,000.

Headlight switch problems   6

Model: 2007 Lacrosse ,     Miles: 36,000,     Speed: 45 mi,    Fail Date: Sep 12, 2009,     Location: Glen Carbon, Illinois

In the past six months, the headlights on my 2007 Buick Lacrosse have turned off on their own several times. Twice this has occurred at night and twice during twilight. Adjusting the headlight switch does nothing to affect the lights. This problem affects the low beam lights only. The car has been taken to the dealer with this reported problem 3 times. They report that no problem was found, but they did replace a part once that has had not remedied the problem.